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Canada's species


Leaf-Miner Flies (family Agromyzidae)
Anthomyiid Flies or Root-Maggot Flies (family Anthomyiidae)
Robber Flies (family Asilidae)
March Flies (family Bibionidae)
Bee Flies (family Bombyliidae)
Blow Flies (family Calliphoridae)
Gall Midges or Gall Gnats (family Cecidomyiidae)
Biting Midges, Punkies or No-see-ums (family Ceratopogonidae)
Midges (family Chironomidae)
Grass Flies or Frit Flies (family Chloripidae)
Mosquitoes (family Culicidae)
Long-Legged Flies (family Dolichopodidae)
Dance Flies (family Empididae)
Shore Flies (family Ephydridae)
Heleomyzid Flies (family Heleomyzidae)
Lauxaniid Flies (family Lauxaniidae)
Muscid Flies (family Muscidae)
Fungus Gnats (family Mycetophilidae)
Bot Flies and Warble Flies (family Oestridae)
Humpbacked Flies or Scuttle Flies (family Phoridae)
Big-Headed Flies (family Pipunculidae)
Moth Flies (family Psychodidae)
Snipe Flies (family Rhagionidae)
Flesh Flies (family Sarcophagidae)
Dark-Winged Fungus Gnats (family Sciaridae)
Marsh Flies and Snail Flies (family Sciomyzidae)
Black Scavenger Flies (family Sepsidae)
Black Flies (family Simuliidae)
Small Dung Flies (family Sphaeroceridae)
Soldier Flies (family Stratiomyidae)
Syrphid or Flower Flies (family Syrphidae)
Horse Flies and Deer Flies (family Tabanidae)
Tachinid Flies (family Tachinidae)
Fruit Flies (family Tephritidae)
Crane Flies (family Tipulidae)


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