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Antilocapra americana

Pronghorn. Photo:Peter Mirejovsky
Pronghorn. Photo:Peter Mirejovsky

Pronghorns are one of the smallest, yet fleetest of the ungulates. They are found at the southern portions of Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan. They inhabit plains, steppes, deserts, and foothills. Pronghorns are very social animals and remain in small groups year round. They seem to show certain social responsibilities such as "babysitting" while the parents are away, and males act as decoys for predators so that the females and young may escape. They are also very curious creatures, investigating anything that may be amiss. They are capable of reaching speeds of eighty kilometres per hour, and will often race with traffic. Pronghorns are herbivores and feed heavily on forbs and grasses.

Map of Pronghorn in Canada
Distribution of Pronghorn in Canada

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