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Mountain Lion

Felis concolor

Photo:Jardin botanique de Montreal
Mountain Lion. Photo:Jardin botanique de Montreal

The numbers of this misunderstood animal have dropped considerably in past years here in Canada. The mountain lion is found in large numbers in British Columbia and the montane cordillera. The mountain lion, or cougar as it is more commonly known, is the largest predatory mammal aside from bears. Cougars are solitary and only congregate during the breeding season. Cougars are cunning hunters and are capable of downing a fully grown moose, but feed mainly upon their favorite food, which is deer. A cougar will wait for its prey and then pounce upon its shoulder, biting the throat and killing the prey instantaneously. Cougars will feed upon carrion if they are starved, but prefer the taste of fresh meat.

Map of Mountain Lion in Canada
Distribution of Mountain Lion in Canada

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