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Northern Bottlenosed Whale

Hyperoodon ampullatus

The northern bottlenosed whale is a medium sized whale which can attaining a maximum length of 9.3 metres. It is found along both the east and west coasts of Canada. During the winter these whales will migrate as far south as New York, but come the spring time, they make a long trek to Greenland and Norwegian seas. Northern bottlenosed whales are quite gregarious and are commonly found in gams of up to ten individuals. They are very playful and will not shy away from boats, but will move in closer and inspect them. These whales are one of the world's deepest divers, going as far down as 1400 metres. Like the beaked whale, the northern bottlenosed whale feeds primarily on cephalopods such as squid.

Map of Northern Bottlenosed Whale in Canada
Distribution of Northern Bottlenosed Whale in Canada

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