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Tundra Vole

Microtus oeconomus

The tundra vole is another holarctic Canadian species. Its life history is very similar to that of the meadow vole, being active all day throughout the year. It has a limited distribution and is only found in the Yukon territory and the north of British Columbia. The tundra vole is a burrower and can be found in the damp tundra areas around lakes, stream banks, and marshes. The tundra vole constructs large tunnels in the cold soil above the layer of permafrost where it stores grass seeds and forbs rhizomes in the fall. This species plays a vital role in the food chain of the tundra ecosystem, as it serves as a major food source for carnivorous mammals.

Map of Tundra Vole in Canada
Distribution of Tundra Vole in Canada

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