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Little Brown Bat

Myotis lucifugus

Photo:Mont St-Hilaire Nature Center
Little Brown Bat. Photo:Mont St-Hilaire Nature Center

One of the most common species of bat, the little brown bat can be found readily in eastern Canada and somewhat less so in the rest of the country. It is often seen streaking through the night sky over lakes as it attempts to capture its prey. These bats are nocturnal creatures which means that they are active only at night. During the day they tend to hide wherever there is darkness, such as caves, culverts, and even shingles. Although they posses well-developed eyes, these creatures rely heavily on a type of built-in radar; they emit sounds which are deflected upon impact with an obstacle. These sounds are then picked up by the bats and utilized to indicate obstacles in its path. This form of echo-sounding also makes bats efficient hunters. The little brown bats feed primarily on insect such as moths which they catch in mid flight.

Map of Little Brown Bat in Canada
Distribution of Little Brown Bat in Canada

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