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Woodland Jumping Mouse

Napaeozapus insignis

The woodland jumping mouse can be found throughout most of the Maritime provinces, Labrador, Ontario, Quebec, and Manitoba. It is perhaps the most appealing rodent found on this continent. This mouse is very social and quite tolerant of other species; it is commonly found in the company of white-footed mice. An extremely agile creature, the woodland jumping mouse has the ability to leap a distance of four metres in one bound. It prefers habitats that border on woodland streams as well as brushy deciduous and coniferous forest. The diet of this mouse consists mainly of subterranean fungi, seeds, herbs, roots, and fruits. Like most of their kin, woodland jumping mice are generally nocturnal, preferring the protection of darkness for their food collecting activities.

Map of Woodland Jumping Mouse in Canada
Distribution of Woodland Jumping Mouse in Canada

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