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Olive-Backed Pocket Mouse

Perognathus fasciatus

Pocket mice are most often found in sandy soils on dry, open, thinly-vegetated grasslands. They also tend to avoid excessive cover, preferring to inhabit the edges of forests. They have a relatively sparse distribution in Canada, where they are mainly found in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta. These are perhaps the smallest of all Canadian rodents. They are also considered to be the slowest of rodents. They spend most of the day sitting in their borrows grooming themselves but become active at sundown. The pocket mice belong to the family of kangaroo rats, and do not run but rather they use all four limbs in unison to leap away from any threat. These mild-mannered animals rely mainly on herbaceous vegetation to sustain their high metabolism.

Map of Olive-Backed Pocket Mouse in Canada
Distribution of Olive-Backed Pocket Mouse in Canada

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