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Fox Squirrel

Sciurus niger

Photo:Dr. Lloyd Glenn Ingles
Fox Squirrel. Photo:Dr. Lloyd Glenn Ingles

Although the fox squirrel is widely distributed south of the border, its establishment in Canada is limited to Pelee Island where it was introduced in 1890. It is a larger member of the Sciuridae family which is diurnal (active in the daytime). It inhabits farm woodlots and urban streets and does poorly in well forested areas. The fox squirrel has the ability to leap a distance of a metre if it is chased out of a tree, and has been seen to jump from great heights without injuring itself. Like its close relative the ground squirrel, the fox squirrel hibernates during the winter, and spends most of its summer collecting acorns and other food items.

Map of Fox Squirrel in Canada
Distribution of Fox Squirrel in Canada

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