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Eastern Chipmunk

Tamias striatus

Eastern Chipmunk. Photo:Peter Mirejovsky
Eastern Chipmunk. Photo:Peter Mirejovsky

The eastern chipmunk is easily recognizable by its distinct color pattern on its back. It is a favorite of both young children and adults, and not many can deny the charm of a chipmunk standing on a tree stump with its arms pressed to its chest or running across a trail. These little animals inhabit dry hardwood forests as they provide ample cover, be it downed trees, boulders, or dead leaf matter. Chipmunks are burrowers and are extremely fastidious animals. They will keep their nest clear of debris or feces. Chipmunks are primarily ground foragers but will occasionally climb up into a shrub to feed on its fruit. Their main sources of food are a wide variety of seeds, fruits, and nuts. The range of this chipmunk extends from Cape Breton Island to southern Manitoba.

Map of Eastern Chipmunk in Canada
Distribution of Eastern Chipmunk in Canada

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