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Northern Pocket Gopher

Thomomys talpoides

Photo:Dr. Lloyd Glenn Ingles
Northern Pocket Gopher. Photo:Dr. Lloyd Glenn Ingles

The Northern pocket gopher is a stout-bodied, thickset member of the order Rodentia. They are commonly found across the prairie provinces from Manitoba to Alberta. They have also been found in the Mountain valleys of certain portions of British Columbia. When in their natural habitat pocket gophers seek out grasslands, cultivated fields, roadsides, and river banks, where they make their home. Like squirrels, the Northern pocket gophers carry their food in cheek pouches. However, unlike squirrels the cheek pouches of the pocket gopher fold out onto its face and when fully extended they can easily accommodate a human thumb or index finger. The northern pocket gopher feeds mainly on the roots of perennial forbs but switches to green plants in the summer time.

Map of Northern Pocket Gopher in Canada
Distribution of Northern Pocket Gopher in Canada

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