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Grizzly Bear

Ursus arctos

Grizzly Bear. Photo:Peter Mirejovsky
Grizzly Bear. Photo:Peter Mirejovsky

The dreaded grizzly bear has gained a reputation as a cold-blooded killer over the years. There have been horror films depicting this shy and discrete creature as a bloodthirsty man-eater. Although the grizzly bear is very dangerous due to its unpredictability, it will often run at the first sight of people. Grizzlies will only attack if they are cornered, wounded or protecting their pups. The grizzly bear occurs along the west coast, the Yukon, and southern portions of the Northwest Territories. Grizzlies prefer areas that are open with little cover. Unlike the black bear, the grizzly bear cannot climb trees to feed, but it is an apt swimmer and fisher. Grizzlies often congregate at streams during the salmon migration and will feed on the fish until they build up enough brown fat to sustain them during their fall and winter hibernation.

Map of Grizzly Bear in Canada
Distribution of Grizzly Bear in Canada

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