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Red Fox

Vulpes vulpes

Photo:Allan G. Austin, Canadian Museum of Nature
Red Fox. Photo:Allan G. Austin, Canadian Museum of Nature

Another member of the canids, the red fox is a small, sly hunter. They are widely distributed throughout Canada, having made their way to all the provinces from coast to coast including Newfoundland and Vancouver Island. Unlike wolves and coyotes, the red fox spends most of its time alone. It will only join other foxes during the breeding period. Foxes are good parents as they will return their catch to their young and care for them until they are old enough to fend for themselves. Red foxes have an omnivorous diet. In the winter there is a strong demand for meat as the fox requires more energy to maintain its metabolism. In the summer foxes can switch to invertebrates such as insects and browse on herbaceous vegetation.

Map of Red Fox in Canada
Distribution of Red Fox in Canada

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